About Us

Our History

In 2009, Akhtar Group ventured into Pakistan’s dairy sector by establishing Dairyland (Pvt) Ltd. The company started its operations by setting up a state-of-the-art dairy farm in Dhabeji, district Sujawal in Sindh with premium breed Australian cows. As the company grew, it also established a modern milk and yogurt, processing and packaging plant next to the dairy farm.

Since then, the company has grown to be known in the market as a leading brand in the dairy sector with operations running successfully across the country as well as globally.

Dairyland is an innovative and fast-growing organization, known for its high quality and nourishing products. As an organization we strive to provide our consumers with the best value and nourishment through our range of dairy products with the aim to take care of the consumers health, by constantly innovating and enhancing our processes.

In order to make sure consumers get optimal quality products, Dairyland has developed a comprehensive grass-to-glass value chain system. Its cows are fed and nurtured on high quality fodder grown under the supervision of foreign qualified agronomists. They are kept in an extremely hospitable environment, and are regularly checked and vaccinated by a team of qualified vets.

Dairyland’s automatic milking parlour makes sure milk is collected using optimal hygienic conditions. No hormonal injections or antibiotics are given to the cows, ensuring pure, fresh and wholesome milk, free from side effects.


Dairyland is a quality-oriented company with strict emphasis on maintaining world class quality of all its dairy products. To keep up with the dynamic technology in milk-processing industry, it keeps itself abreast in research, trying its best to introduce highly advanced equipment at affordable prices. Strict quality checking is carried out at every level of the production process to ensure premium quality of the finished dairy products. Moreover, it also has strict quality checks in terms of food safety and prioritizes it at all times

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Only dairy company to have its own farm with 100% Australian cows.
  • Its flagship brand ‘Dayfresh’ is a market leader in the fresh milk category in southern Pakistan market.
  • Its brand equity stands in the top three milk brands in the category.
  • The company’s own and controlled cold chain supply system ensures timely and quality delivery of fresh products.
  • Its long-life and ambient milk is distributed at retail level through professional and strong distributors.
  • All of the company’s products are free from hormonal injections.

Dairyland Quality Control

Quality control is an extremely important step and Dairyland puts great emphasis on it, from collection of the milk to delivery at customers’ doorsteps.

  • The milk collected at Dairyland’s farms via automatic milking parlors is directly channeled through supply pipes to the plant. Thus, reducing milk haulage and handling. This advantage enables the company to ensure that the milk is unpolluted and of high quality.
  • Every batch of milk used for production is subject to stringent quality control microbiological tests at Dairyland’s well-equipped labs.
  • Combination of state-of-the-art machines, and qualified and trained production staff helps the company ensure it produces best quality products.
  • Highly qualified and trained food technologists and quality assurance teams vigilantly monitor the quality of products at all stages of the production process.




























Meet Our CEO

Sulaiman Sadiq Monnoo

We are on a journey with a very clear Purpose:

We aim to transform the health and wellbeing of Pakistan now and for generations to come, by nourishing them through unlocking the goodness of milk from glass to grass.

We are committed to playing a key role in fulfilling the nutritional needs of our people, and in developing the Dairy sector in Pakistan, we now have the opportunity, technology, knowledge and methodologies to bring about an unprecedented transformation in Pakistan’s Dairy industry.

With the right mindset we are confident we will see many wins. We have strong fundamentals, a comprehensive strategy, sustainable competitive advantages, a robust team, vibrant operations, and a future brimming with potential. Together, we will transform Pakistan’s Dairy landscape.

Director Business Operations

Dawood Memon

When we embarked on this incredible journey, it appeared to be a real challenge. However, we remained resolute and defined a clear vision of success that propelled us forward. Today, I am immensely proud to say that we have achieved the targets we set for ourselves three years ago.

At Dairyland (Pvt.) Ltd., we have focused on innovation, quality consciousness, and the creation of value-added products. These guiding principles have been the driving force behind our progress.

We strive to be recognized as one of the finest workplaces in the corporate world, fostering an environment that nurtures talent, encourages collaboration, and rewards commitment—a place that inspires enthusiasm for work.

Throughout this remarkable journey, I have been guided by one fundamental belief: self-belief. It is this belief that has propelled us forward, overcoming obstacles and transforming challenges into opportunities.

The journey continues, and I am excited for the path that lies ahead. Let us march forward, united by our shared vision and fueled by the power of self-belief.

Meet the Team​