Shahida Parveen

Received today! For those who are lactose intolerant, it's definitely worth it. Thank you, Dayfresh!'

Farhan Shaikh

It's a wonderful milk that is easy to digest. My mother is really happy drinking this milk because it is easily digested, and she feels relaxed. Thanks to Dayfresh.

Annaya Malik

Best lactose-free milk for kids facing digestion issues, highly recommended! A must-buy. Thank you, Dayfresh, for making moms' lives easier.

Annaya Malik

milk for kids who are facing digestion issue, highly recommended Must buy Thank you dayfresh for making mom's life easy.

Farhan Sheikh

It's a really wonderful milk easy to digest my mother really happy to drink this milk because easily digested and she become relaxed thanks Dayfresh.

Huma Sheikh

MashaAllah amazing quality and superb taste with all good hygiene .Best lactose free milk easy to digest.. highly recommended Dayfresh.

Shahida Parveen

Recieved today For lactose intolerant its worth it From, Dayfresh Thank you.

Imran Khalid Khan

Finally, I found a solution. Thank you Dayfresh. I absolutely love the product.

Danish Ahmedani

Finally we have a local brand which offers Lactose-free. Thank you. It’s healthy for you.

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